My first steps as a Cinematographer started early in my childhood, with the support of my fathers' High-8 camera gear.

 Instantly I fell in love with shooting and the techniques behind the magic. I got keen on shooting everything.

 As I grew older I started writing my own scripts, draw them up into storyboards and casted my classmates- but these projects never got to be shot. These challenges didn't stopp me from becoming a cinematographer - they fuelled my hunger for more and cleared my view for future projects.


Before I graduated successfully from high-school in 2005, I worked as a freelance cameraman in a local tv station for more than 1 year.  After my graduation I started an apprenticeship (Mediadesigner for video/audio) at the famous BAVARIA FILM GMBH in Munich which I finished successfully with an official recognition.

 Working on different film sets, learning the theoretical basics in film school and shooting different short films, e.g. "A96", increased my sensitivity for storytelling, strengthened my visual approach and broadened my technical knowledge!


Since 2009 I've been working as a freelancer in the camera department. Climbing up the ladder from camera trainee over 2nd AC to  1. AC and Camera Operator. I've been part of more than 30 national and international projects, from TV Series, TV Dramas and Features to Commercials. I also did a lot of B-Camera operating and 2nd Unit work, e.g. "The Crown S3", "REDCON-1", "Borgward" or "Branka Maric" to name just a few.


Credits as DoP are my first feature film "Schattenwald/Amongst the shadows" which won Excellence: Cinematography at DOIFF 2015 and various other projects, including internationally acclaimed short films "Friedenshöhe", "KIDZ", "Stay with me".

I recently shot sample scenes for the upcoming feature film "NEED".


I am a Member of the "German Society of Cinematographers" - BVK

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