Hold my Hand

In 1939 Esther was evacuated from Berlin to London as part of the Kindertransport programme. After meeting her great-granddaughter's boyfriend she has flashbacks to her childhood and the opportunity to fulfil an outstanding promise.

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Short Film · Drama · 8 min · 2021

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· Written and directed by Dean Marriott · Produced by Steven Jeram · Editing by Ed Coltman · Grading by Vanya Tomova · Sound by Tomos Pierce ·

Music by Cora Miron · Steadicam by Justin Theodore and Rupert Peddle

· Appearance by Harriet Thorpe, Eileen Davies, Chloe Zeitounian, Emily Albright, Clemente Lohr, Lil Davis


· Shot on Red Dragon and Zeiss Superspeeds mkiii