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Man like Pleaser

Following Tom Moutchi Alter Ego "Pleaser" in the streets of Peckham after being freshly released from prison...

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Pilot · Comedy · 20 min · 2022

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· Written by Tom Moutchi  · Directed by Tyson Joseph · Produced by Queen Banerbie · Executive Produced by Bola Agbaje · Editing by Will Gillespie · Grading by Vanya Tomova · Sound by Tobia Malagutti · Lighting by Ed Heredia

· Appearance by Tom Moutchi, Daniel Alade, Harry Pintero, Demo Lapido, Mike Brown, Michael Boah, John Dadie, Jamie O'Neill, Sadik Struse


· Shot on Canon C700FF with Angenieux Zoom lenses

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