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The AA - Patrol Stories

Shining a light on the roadside assistants Paddy and Dean story and why it's special to work for the AA.

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Short Story · Corporate · 2x 2min ·  2023 ·
United Kingdom

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Director Alex Dawe · Production Company Get Shorty · Producer Kurran Sohanta · Director of Photography Markus Ilschner · Art Director Aimee Meek Editor Jimmy Allen · Grading Vanya Tomova · Focus Puller Sinan Yilmaz, Nacho Guzman · 2nd AC Oliver Barwell · Sound Nathaniel Kastoryano · Gaffer Henry Young · Spark Lewis Tailor·

 Shot on Alexa Mini LF and Canon C700FF on LEICA R Fullframe lenses · 1:1.78 aspect ratio

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