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German born Cinematographer Markus Ilschner was drawn to the magic of cinema early on.

Moving to London and making the transition to Cinematographer in 2015 made a dream come true. Ever since he built himself a reputation as a crafty, quick, problem solving, economic and meticulous Teamworker with increasing numbers of films, music videos, features and commercials.

Growing up on the other side of the Wall, in the German Democratic Republic, he was fascinated by the colorful and captivating movies from abroad.

Through capturing family events, school trips and shooting self written short films he laid the base to pursue a career in filmmaking. 


After successfully graduating from school in 2005 he started an apprenticeship at the famous film studios Bavaria Film GmbH in Munich, where he gained experience in lighting, shooting and editing. This training ground allowed Markus to get his first break into the industry as a grip assistant on the famous german TV series "The old fox".


Since 2009 he is working as a freelancer in the camera department, climbing up the ladder from camera trainee over 2nd AC to  1. AC and Camera Operator. He was part of more than dozens of national and international projects ranging from TV Series, TV Dramas and Features to Commercials.

Markus was also responsible for B-Camera operating and 2nd Unit work on such shows like "The Crown", "Hand of Creator", "Redcon-1" and many others.

He is available for work worldwide.


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